MagicCute AutoDel 2011.1 build 10

MagicCute AutoDel 2011.1 build 10: Scan the folder and delete unnecessary files automatically. Whenever you use the Internet, there are lots of temporary files stored on your PC and these can simply waste space on your hard disk. MagicCute AutoDel! is a simple freeware tool which can automatically delete unwanted files from your PC. This program can automatically delete files in a specific folder that are older than the specified time. You can add file name filters also. AutoDel! will delete or retain the files match the filters.

Norton AntiSpam 2004: Symantec’s Norton AntiSpam 2004 filters unwanted email out of your inbox.
Norton AntiSpam 2004

filters unwanted email out of your inbox. Working with any POP3 email program, it filters incoming mail on multiple levels, detecting and flagging unsolicited messages while promptly delivering valid mail. To make your online time more enjoyable, Norton AntiSpam also blocks intrusive pop-up and banner ads. • Filters unwanted email messages in any POP3-compliant email program by adding a "spam" tag in the Subject field. • Integrates with Microsoft

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Hepa Air filter 1-11012: air purifier,air filters
Hepa Air filter 1-11012

air purifier,air filters, hepa filters,hepa air purifiers

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NetFilter SDK 2 Demo

NetFilter SDK is a framework for transparent filtering the data packets transmitted via network. This is a high performance proxy-less solution, compatible with all antiviruses/firewalls/other network filters. It perfectly suits for developing the content filters, basic application level firewalls, traffic analyzers/shapers, other software that requires viewing and modifying TCP/UDP traffic on Windows.

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RahmanImager Professional 2.0

filters, Special Effects, Artistic Colorizing, Tools, optimizers etc. It is one of the best alternative to expensive and complex and expensive image editors like Adobe Photoshop. It supports more than 56 popular Image Formats for Reading and support 21 Popular Image Formats for Writing with different dithers settings and color maps to bring the best possible color combination. With arrays of Filters, Effects and Artistic Colorizing options, Images

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NoSpamProxy 7.7: NoSpamProxy already scans E-mail during SMTP receipt and classifies the E-mail.
NoSpamProxy 7.7

filters would classify it as being non-trustworthy (e.g. the sender is blacklisted, nature of content etc.). Should, however, a trustworthy E-mail not be accepted because it has no trust points and the other filters do not categorise the E-mail as trustworthy, the sender of the E-mail is informed of the delayed delivery by his mail server! Filters and actions - Level of trust filter - Bayesian filter - Realtime blocklist check filter - SURBL filter

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Image Suit 4.0.1: Image Suit is a professional image editing software
Image Suit 4.0.1

Image Suit is a professional image editing software that provides drawing tools, color and saturation adjustments, image and canvas sizing, and a good set of filters. It features 48 built-in image filters and supports user defined filters. Image Suit contains a toolbar and toolbox that you can move to your liking. Custom preference settings including toolbar/toolbox on off, default image locations, and many others.

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